IT Security

We take IT security seriously. We have partnered with Sophos, one of the words most trusted IT security vendors to bring our clients the very best in IT security and advice.

Due to the continually changing threat landscape, the days of installing anti-virus software and being protected are over. Cyber criminals have made things quite difficult and costly for businesses to remain safe in this online world.

Thanks to our partnership with Sophos, we are able to overcome these obstacles. Contact us today to find out how easy and cost effective protecting you can be.

Let us impart some free advice.

The first line of defence with your business is your staff. There are 2 type of staff that allow an attack to take place:

  • “The insider” – a disgruntled employee or third party contractor who could have a grudge with the business and intentionally causes harm.

  • “The accidental insider” – An employee who unknowingly allows an attack to take place. This can occur by clicking links in malicious emails or the like.

Most cases of data breaches occurring is as a result of an accidental insider incident. To combat this, We can hold “tool-box” style meetings for your staff to help educate and avoid “The Accidental Insider” scenario.